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Friday, February 26, 2010

S.A.K. Camper Review

I just bought a Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Knife from a friend the other day. Some of the tools on this model are: a wood saw, large and small stainless steel blades, an awl, a corkscrew and can and bottle openers. The only tool Ive really put to the test is the wood saw. It has such aggressive teeth it cut through an inch thick piece of Shag-bark Hickory like it was butter. I am very happy with the latest addition to my collection. As I use it more I will post how it performs.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Fighting Utility Knife Review

I received a ‘G.I. Style Marine Corps Combat Knife’ from http://www.campingsurvival.com/ back in July of 09. I sharpened it to a shaving edge and put it through the following tests.

First I batoned through a half inch thick piece of cedar, it took about five seconds to get through.
Next I batoned through an inch thick piece of pine wood in about twenty five seconds.
I decided to see how it did at chopping, so I broke out some big wood. It took one minute to chop through an inch and a half of cedar.
It took a good six minutes to chop through two inch’s of solid oak wood.

I write this in February of 2010, in the six months since I got it, it has chopped through countless types of wood, served as a pry-bar, dug holes and sliced fruit. After months of abuse the guard has come loose and wiggles when you chop with it, but other than that its still in good shape. I recommend it as a hardwearing, throw down knife, good for everyday utility use and chopping.

Manufacturer: http://www.campingsurvival.com/
Model: GI Style Fighting/Utility Knife
Blade: 7”, clip point
Handle: Brown Leather
Overall: 12”
Genre: Fighting, utility, chopping
Made in: Taiwan