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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back From Camp

I got back from scout camp today and I am exhausted. It was a good week though. Going to camp allowed me to brush up on some basic skills that may make the difference between life and death when/if society collapses .

  • Knots & Lashing. I enrolled in the Pioneering Merit Badge, and ended up helping to teach the class. It was a great way to help me practice building basic structures, I also learned how to make rope by hand.
  • Shooting Skills. I earned the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge, and qualified third in a class of fourteen. I also got to try my hand at archery, and came to the realization that archery really is not my strong suite. I am going to try shotgun next year.
  • Basic Survival Skills. I actually ended up teaching most of the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge myself. I loved getting to go on an overnight hike/ survival campout and building a shelter.

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